Put it in My Mouth: Frida’s Pork Tacos

Fact: the pork tacos, or Tacos De Cochinita, at Frida’s have magic sauce in them. This “magic sauce” is actually the sauce they’re roasted in — a combination of achiote, sweet and sour orange juice, and red onions — but … Read More

El Pollo Rey: Where Chicken is King

There’s a restaurant doing barbecue chicken better than anybody else in the entire metropolitan area and it’s called El Pollo Rey. I think it’s in a barn. It’s tucked away in Armourdale (or Argentine or Rosedale – I never really … Read More

Put It In My Mouth: Bibimbap

Here at feed me kc we do not hide our obsessive tendencies (Exhibit A: Emily’s well-documented food obsession). And I become especially fanatical when I experience something totally new (to me), such as this piping hot bowl of dolsot bibimbap. … Read More

Put It In My Mouth, But Only on My Birthday: Natasha’s Goat Cheese Croissant

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No, no, you’re right; I’m not really eating bread these days. But since today is my 30th birthday, and if I’m being completely honest with myself, goat cheese and bread, when put together, form what might be my most favorite … Read More

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