Put It In My Mouth: The Entire Menu at Novel Restaurant

Ryan Brazeal and I attended culinary school together in the early aughts, though we don’t remember each other. That’s probably because I spent most of my time cultivating (and then deconstructing) complex hangovers, while the talented and driven Brazeal honed … Read More

Remedy: Waldo’s Stomach Drinky Place

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What would Waldo look like today if the Great Waldo Fire of Twenty Aught Seven had been averted — if that mischievous cow hadn’t kicked over a deep fryer at Kennedy’s, igniting a day-long conflagration consuming a half block of … Read More

It’s Totally Cool to Drink Your Dinner at Snow & Co

When life gives you a never-ending, acne-inducing heat wave, you can do one of two things: complain about it on Facebook or shut the hell up and drink your dinner. Sorry. The heat makes me grumpy. I already provide plenty … Read More

Not Surprisingly, the Port Fonda Restaurant is Really Cool

From the Department of Not News: The Port Fonda restaurant is cool. I told myself I wasn’t going to brave the early crowds at Port Fonda, which sort of surprise-opened its doors for cocktails and half-price appetizers for the first … Read More

El Pollo Rey: Where Chicken is King

There’s a restaurant doing barbecue chicken better than anybody else in the entire metropolitan area and it’s called El Pollo Rey. I think it’s in a barn. It’s tucked away in Armourdale (or Argentine or Rosedale – I never really … Read More