Fire and Ice (Cream)

Now that it’s summer, I will be exploring ice cream recipes and grilling recipes. To kick off the season, I thought it would be fun to see how well I could combine the two. So, I went to Glace, bought a pint of the Christopher Elbow dark chocolate and a pint of the fleur de sel (that’s salt from the sea, ya’ll) caramel and decided to find a way to grill some ice cream. It totally, kind of almost worked really well.

Here is a recipe through my eyes, originally created by my good friend (does watching someone on TV every Saturday make him your friend?) Steven Raichlen from his cookbook Planet Barbecue.

Start by lining a tray with a Silpat (wax paper will do) and place it in the freezer for 15 minutes so your surface will be cold and ready. Next, scoop the ice cream into 2-inch balls and make them as circular as you can with your hands, but don’t focus too much on this, or your hands will melt the ice cream. Handle your balls quickly and gently.

Return the tray to the freezer and let the balls freeze for two hours or more.

Then, place 2 eggs and a teaspoon of vanilla in a bowl and whisk. Next to that, place a bowl full of shredded coconut. Now, take your balls out of the freezer and dip your balls in the eggs (if that made you chuckle, you and I have similar levels of maturity) until they are completely covered. Then dip your balls (seriously, still laughing ? I guess I see where this column needs to go) in the coconut. Return to freezer for at least another 4 hours, but the longer the better for this phase.

Light grill and make it hot (for your balls). While the fire gets going, place your balls on skewers.


The next part is tricky, and hopefully the pictures of my balls will help. Using two bricks, you create what is called a grateless grill. Although it may sound oxymoronic, I put the bricks on the grate (but your balls still aren’t touching the grate, hence “grateless”). Place the two skewer ends on the two bricks so the ice cream is suspended over the fire. Your goal is to get the outside of the balls crunchy and caramelized while leaving the center frozen. Yes, it is as hard as it sounds.


When I do this recipe again I will use wider skewers. Mine were so wimpy that my big balls of ice cream lost traction and gravity pulled one side down, making it really hard to get an even crust. Despite that, everyone put my balls in their mouths and thoroughly enjoyed it.


I love summer.

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  1. TM
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    “Handle your balls quickly and gently?” Getting a little personal!!!!

    • Emily Farris
      | Reply

      Somebody has his or her mind in the gutter (where it should be!).

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