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Today Farm to Market Bread Co. is delivering the first of its Black Russian pumpernickel-style bread — a “cult classic” collaboration with The Roasterie celebrating both businesses 20-year anniversaries — to select stores across Kansas City. But get it while you can; it’ll be gone November 17. 

black russain
Farm to Market’s new limited-release Black Russian pumpernickel-style bread slathered with smoked trout rillette from French Market.

We got our first taste of this hearty loaf last night at Extra Virgin. No, they’re not serving it there, but we just so happened to have a giant tote bag filled with fresh-from-the-oven loaves (we frequently travel with large bags of bread) and thought the supremely saucy fig-stuffed chicken thighs we were munching could use some sopping. And we were correct.

The hearth-style bread is a modern take on pumpernickel, with a richer, bolder flavor from the coffee that is balanced by the addition of raisins, cocoa, and sugar.

Our second taste came in the wee hours of the morning — the crispy crunchy top crust aggressively slathered with Shatto butter and sprinkled with salt. Ri. Dic. And our third taste, still being chewed as I type, was topped with smoked trout rillette from the new French Market gourmet shop in Prairie Village. TripleRidDic.

This weekend, grab a loaf of Black Russian (and butter from Shatto and rillette from French Market and coffee from The Roasterie) and enjoy some of the awesomeness of eating local.

[box]Farm to Market’s Black Russian Bread is available now through November 17 at the following locations:

  • Hen House locations
  • Brookside Market
  • Price Chopper in Brookside
  • Hyvee at 76th
  • Cosentino’s Market – Downtown location
  • Price Chopper – 95th
  • Marsh’s Sunfresh in Westport[/box]


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  1. James Loune
    | Reply

    Is this the same bread that’s been around for a couple decades? I don’t think it is, and this article is lacking some major details. Have you even tried the bread? And if you are a food writer/blogger (wanna be) shouldn’t you try the bread before writing about it. Forget trying it, have you looked at the package? Here’s a little homework for you Jeff. Borrow $5, buy the bread and taste it. If you can’t borrow $5, just go look at the package and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

  2. Jeff Akin
    | Reply

    Thanks for the passive-aggressive editorial note, James. As noted in the article (and accompanying photo), I tried the bread three times (actually, now four) in the past 12 hours. Now after trying to figure out the source of your bizarre hostility, I think you’re probably referring to the fact that I forgot to mention the collaboration with The Roasterie, which I’ll go back now and add. I do appreciate the note, though, as I endeavor to evolve from wanna-be food blogger to actual food blogger.

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