Lunch in Pictures: Café Sebastienne

Earlier this month we took our new photo intern, Grace, to lunch at Café Sebastienne — the wonderful cafe in the atrium of the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. Café Sebastienne feels like a hidden gem since it’s tucked away in the museum, but it’s full of wonderful natural light, amazing art, and fantastic food.

Of course, we ate a lot of the latter.

cafe sebastienne kansas city

We started with the grilled asparagus, made with pancetta, a poached farm egg, Cremini mushrooms and sherry vinaigrette. It was perfectly rich and satisfying. Then we moved onto an order of fish tacos for the table. Because isn’t that what normal people do?

I’d be lying if I tried to pretend this wasn’t my idea. I always get the fish tacos at Cafe Sebastienne. They’re damn fine fish tacos: roasted white fish, avocado sauce, and pico de gallo with Rancho Gordo Vallarta beans.

Cafe Sebastienne Kansas City Food Photography

Then it was time to move onto our entrees.

Grace had the Cafe Trio, which featured an Italian charcuterie sandwich, spicy potato and eggplant stew, and a mixed slaw salad with kale, bell peppers, and green beans.

cafe sebastienne kansas city

Jeff had the fish of the day — grilled salmon with fingerling potatoes and a prepared salad of cherry tomatoes, onions, blue cheese and other good stuff (we were all in love with that salad). The fish was topped with chermoula (which was like a fresh, minty chimichurri).

I opted for another fish dish: Grilled rainbow trout, served with roasted baby carrots, spinach, asparagus, and a mustard-tarragon butter sauce. So. Good.

cafe sebastienne kansas city

As if we hadn’t had enough to eat, we ordered two desserts for the table: A hefty slice of bread pudding with whipped cream and caramel sauce AND the Poppy’s Ice Cream trio of lemon, goat’s milk caramel, and candied ginger-vanilla.




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