Lunch In Pictures: Intern Lunch

Hi there! It’s us, the interns. The interns who run the Instagram account. The interns who keep the plants alive in the office. The interns who constantly orbit each other. Basically, we’re a pretty big deal. And by we, we mean Megan and Audrey. During the year, we are full-time college students. Megan is majoring in business at K-State and is a wanna-be skateboarder. Audrey is studying journalism at the University of Missouri in Columbia and thinks she’s funnier than she actually is (but don’t tell her we said that.)


When your boss went to culinary school and asks you to make him lunch, it’s easy to be met with immediate distress. We wanted to make something that Jeff had never had before; we wanted something creative. So, we decided take a non-traditional approach to the foods any 19-year-old knows how to prepare. Intern-proof foods.


The first intern-proof food that came to our minds was Kraft Mac & Cheese (naturally.) And from there, the rest of the meal fell into place. As we were milling about the aisles in Cosentino’s Market, the distress we previously felt turned into excitement. By the time we served the meal, we were already imagining our Food Network debut. Now, you think we might be exaggerating but you can see for yourself below.

Intern Lunch






Our first appetizer was a ham and cheese lunchable turned charcuterie board. Audrey strategically layered the ham and cheese and topped the spread with grated cheese, arugula, and homemade bread crisps.

Intern Lunch



Megan’s claim to fame: the avocado rose. In just 30 minutes of preparation, Megan molded sliced avocados and topped the rose with another homemade bread crisp. Plated with Sriracha and dijon mustard, the rose was easily a favorite.

Intern Lunch


Nothing says gourmet like Kraft Star Wars shaped Mac & Cheese. In a collaborative effort, we shaped the macaroni and garnished it with fresh chives and arugula. May the force be with you.

Intern Lunch


The dessert dish was easily our favorite to make and look at. With a base of chocolate pudding, we accessorized this nostalgic snack with the works: sour gummy worms, Milk Duds, crushed Oreos, mint leaves, raspberries, and edible gems.

Intern Lunch

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