Podcast Episode 14: Celebrating One Year in the Stu-Stu-Studio

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Looks like we made it! The feed me kc crew has been unreliably churning out podcasts for an entire year, and they haven’t kicked us off the Internet yet. To celebrate, we recorded 50 minutes of pure ridiculousness that will surely make somebody pull the plug on this shit show. Before they do, listen to our anniversary episode, Celebrating One Year in the Stu-Stu-Studio.

We’ve collectively gained about 30 pounds since this picture was taken one year ago. (Photo by Jennifer Wetzel)

A few special guests (including Phil Collins) stop by to reminisce as we claim credit for Patrick Ryan’s success, share a few culinary secrets and try out a reverse pledge system for our call-in line (that’s 816-533-5EAT). Kyle eventually gets around to exposing his five big moments in Kansas City food, and we give you 7.5 PUT IT IN MY MOUTHs. (You’re welcome.)

If you stick with us long enough, you’ll hear outtakes from some of our favorite and least popular podcasts. The real treat, however, comes when we share — for the first time ever — a rather painful snippet of the “Lost Cereal Episode,” in which we realize the extent of our lactose intolerance while contemplating white supremacist leprechauns.

Thanks to our loyal listeners (yes, even that jerk who gave us only four stars). For another year of fun, subscribe to the feed me kc podcast on iTunes.

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As always, special thanks to Engineer Stu and The Grisly Hand. And Kyle. That guy doesn’t get enough credit around here.

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