Recipe: No-Churn Butter Bar Ice Cream

Something about warm weather happening in the expectedly coldest month of the year makes me want ice cream. It could be because ice cream and warm weather are the perfect pair, or it could be the threat of global warming that makes me panic in a way only ice cream can solve. Whatever the reason, I wanted ice cream and I really wanted to make it from scratch.


With no ice cream machine around, I tried no-churn ice cream, which I discovered through my regular scrolling through Pinterest. So with the necessary ingredients of just condensed milk and whipped cream, I set out to make a no-churn recipe and you know what, I love it.


I love the ease of it; it’s basically idiot-proof. After all, the freezer does most of the work. But I’m also relieved to find the flavor isn’t too different from machine-churned ice cream. The ice cream is sweet and creamy, and easily made with any kind of fillings you have.   


I chose to mix the ice cream with various ingredients we had around the studio. The winners were: butter bars, pecans and caramel sauce! The result is a crunchy, caramel-y concoction that is totally worth the 12 hour wait. I mean, isn’t sleep just what we do when we’re not eating ice cream?


1 can of sweetened condensed milk

2 cups heavy whipping cream

2-3 butter bars, chopped

Pecans, chopped


For topping:

Pecans, chopped

Caramel sauce


In a large bowl, mix together condensed milk and your chosen fillings, in this case, the butter bars and pecans. Set aside.


In a mixing bowl, pour whipping cream and whip until stiff peaks form.


Fold ½ of the whipped cream into the condensed milk mixture, then add remaining whipped cream.


Pour ice cream into freezer-safe tupperware and let freeze for up to 12 hours, or overnight.
Once frozen, scoop and enjoy.

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