Podcast Episode 14: Celebrating One Year in the Stu-Stu-Studio

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Looks like we made it! The feed me kc crew has been unreliably churning out podcasts for an entire year, and they haven’t kicked us off the Internet yet. To celebrate, we recorded 50 minutes of pure ridiculousness that will … Read More

Put It In My Mouth: Harry’s Horsefeather

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My introduction to the Horsefeather was a slightly bastardized version of the classic cocktail, but I drank it anyway. I was at a gallery opening on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and it was sponsored by Dewars. Scantily-clad, malnourished … Read More

Are You Hungry? We Are.

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We’re from Kansas City, and we want more than barbeque (though we want that, too). We want burgers from Good You and apple fritters from John’s Space Age. We want deviled eggs from Westside Local and pork everything from The … Read More