A Homemade Coffee Liqueur Recipe

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In case you haven’t noticed, we like booze here at feed me kc. Most of the time, we leave everything but the drinking of booze up to the pros. But around the holidays, we get a little crafty. Last year, … Read More

Podcast Episode 16: Cocktails with Mr. and Mrs. Inebriationist

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Here at the feed me kc studio, we like a good cocktail every now and then. And by “every now and then,” we of course mean “pretty much any time.” Some would call that alcoholism, but we don’t fancy labels. We do, … Read More

Rumormongering: Corner Restaurant to reopen, with booze!

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Fresh off this morning’s rumor mill: the Corner Restaurant  — that disgustingly delicious, beloved breakfast joint of all-nighters past —is going to reopen soon. With booze! I am all for this development, as long as whoever takes over the space … Read More

It’s Totally Cool to Drink Your Dinner at Snow & Co

When life gives you a never-ending, acne-inducing heat wave, you can do one of two things: complain about it on Facebook or shut the hell up and drink your dinner. Sorry. The heat makes me grumpy. I already provide plenty … Read More

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