Just Released: Farm to Market’s Black Russian

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Today Farm to Market Bread Co. is delivering the first of its Black Russian pumpernickel-style bread — a “cult classic” collaboration with The Roasterie celebrating both businesses 20-year anniversaries — to select stores across Kansas City. But get it while … Read More

Q&A: Fresh Bread Founder Sean M. Starowitz

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Sean M. Starowitz wants to bring fresh bread to Kansas City’s food deserts. By day, Sean is the Artist in Residence at Farm to Market Bread Company (which he humbly calls ‘a glorified way to say ‘bread baker’”). He’s the founder … Read More

Panzanella, ella, ella. Eh, eh, eh.

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As I’ve mentioned before, my Italian is a wee bit weak. But that doesn’t stop me from trying. For example, I’m pretty sure panzanella translates to “totes delish summer bread salad”–pane being Italian for “bread” and zanella translating to “totes delish summer salad.” Or … Read More

BLT, yeah you know me

At this point, you’ve likely discerned that I’m somewhat obsessed with, and resigned to the fact, that the world is approaching its fiery end. Unfortunate to be sure. But eschatology aside, I see no point in letting a little thing … Read More

Podcast Episode 10: The Bread-isode with Farm to Market Bread Company

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What happens when you unleash Jeff and Emily in a building full of fresh-baked bread? We end up filled with carbs and shame and covered in crumbs. But also a podcast. A podcast happens! [box border=”full” icon=”http://www.feedmekc.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/itunes_podcast_icon2.jpg”]         Listen … Read More

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