Podcast Episode 14: Celebrating One Year in the Stu-Stu-Studio

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Looks like we made it! The feed me kc crew has been unreliably churning out podcasts for an entire year, and they haven’t kicked us off the Internet yet. To celebrate, we recorded 50 minutes of pure ridiculousness that will … Read More

Rumormongering: Corner Restaurant to reopen, with booze!

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Fresh off this morning’s rumor mill: the Corner Restaurant  — that disgustingly delicious, beloved breakfast joint of all-nighters past —is going to reopen soon. With booze! I am all for this development, as long as whoever takes over the space … Read More

Podcast Episode 10: The Bread-isode with Farm to Market Bread Company

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What happens when you unleash Jeff and Emily in a building full of fresh-baked bread? We end up filled with carbs and shame and covered in crumbs. But also a podcast. A podcast happens! [box border=”full” icon=”http://www.feedmekc.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/itunes_podcast_icon2.jpg”]         Listen … Read More

Podcast Episode 3: Ferruzza Part II, Cake Love, Cupcake Hate, and Rye Whiskey

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We can’t let the suspense build any longer, we must give you the second half of our interview with The Pitch’s Charles Ferruzza. In  Episode 3 of the feed me kc podcast, Charles tells us what it’s like to be … Read More

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