Curried Carrot Soup: Too Legit?

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For most of my life, carrots were just a vehicle for oozy trans-fats. I’d occasionally roast them with other root vegetables, but I never really considered them all that interesting or elegant. And then a few years ago I stopped … Read More

Podcast Episode 16: Cocktails with Mr. and Mrs. Inebriationist

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Here at the feed me kc studio, we like a good cocktail every now and then. And by “every now and then,” we of course mean “pretty much any time.” Some would call that alcoholism, but we don’t fancy labels. We do, … Read More

The August Tomato

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When I have really, really good ingredients — like local heirloom tomatoes from the Brookside Farmers’ Market — it’s best if I just get out of the way. No experimentation or innovation. No, “How can I make this better?” It’s … Read More

Überdine Pops Up at Yummy’s Choice

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Joe Shirley is a damn fine chef (he’s not bad looking either, but I’m talking about his food, people). A veteran of the Kansas City culinary scene, Shirley has cooked at many well-known area restaurants, including Kona Grill, Grand Street … Read More

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