A Sneak Peek at Kelli Daniels’ New Menu for The Elms

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Kelli Daniels — whose Good You food truck gave us Kansas City’s Best Burger — has been hard at work creating new menus for the historic Elms Hotel & Spa in Excelsior Springs, MO. Today, M&E Photography  (feed me kc‘s … Read More

Magic Buns Finale: Kansas City’s Second Best Burger?

When I departed the Czar Bar two weeks ago with 10 seeded brioche buns, baked by Farm to Market and bestowed by Good You’s Kelli Daniels, I felt immense power and a great responsibility. In fact, it pretty much went … Read More

Magic Buns Day 3: Soft-shell Crab

It’s that most wonderful time of year — when schools empty, the pools open, and crabs get soft. Actually, that whole sentence is kind of creepy. What I’m trying to say is, soft-shell crabs are delicious and only available for … Read More

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