Lunch in Pictures: Boulevard Beer Hall

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Last month, I took the interns for a late lunch at Boulevard’s new Beer Hall. To be honest, I really just wanted to snap some photos (since, full disclosure: my husband worked really hard to create the menu there and I … Read More

Green Dirt Farm Launches New Yogurt Brand

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Green Dirt Farm, the sheep dairy in Weston, MO known for its delicious cheeses and chef collaboration dinners, has just launched a new brand of yogurt. Produced in the Green Dirt Farm cheese kitchen and sold under the brand name … Read More

Alex Pope Invades Beer Kitchen

It’s about damn time I ate some of Alex Pope’s food again. As a few friends and I sat around my living room sipping a bottle of Boulevard Saison Brett in preparation for the Alex Pope beer dinner hosted at … Read More

Antipasti? More like Pro-pasti!

Is anything more summertastic than antipasti? Sitting on the patio, drinking a little (or a lot of) wine. Hall and Oates keepin’ things smooth and, interestingly, the mosquitoes at bay. At the Akin house, we have a pretty standard lineup: … Read More