Recipe: No-Churn Butter Bar Ice Cream

Something about warm weather happening in the expectedly coldest month of the year makes me want ice cream. It could be because ice cream and warm weather are the perfect pair, or it could be the threat of global warming … Read More

The Feed Me Five | 9.29

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Five food things from around the web we loved this week. Fact: I’m not very good about doing these regularly. Doesn’t mean the links aren’t lovely. 1. Lady and Pups: Honey Whipped Ricotta-Stuffed Scones I really like scones. Except when they have … Read More

Rehabilitationist: Tabatas and a Treat

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For six weeks, the Rehabilitationist assaulted Jeff with Tabata training. The result: he’s less fat and no longer loathes this deceptively intense (and amazingly effective) workout. In fact, he kind of enjoys it, though not nearly as much as the … Read More

Lady Akin’s Kitchen: Pie for Your Pie Hole

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Okay, let’s just get this out of the way … Lady Akin is better than me at pretty much everything — or at least everything that matters (my talents are many but largely trivial). “Pretty much everything” includes baking. In … Read More

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