Recipe: Tomato Basil Soup

As I write this, I am wearing my winter coat in the office and it is freezing outside. It’s exactly the kind of weather we expect and (somewhat) enjoy in January, but damn, it’s cold   I am wishing that … Read More

A Photo Tour of Pryde’s Old Westport

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Not long after I moved back to Kansas City in 2009, my mom took me to Pryde’s Old Westport. That was before they had the big colorful signs out front that say “Kitchen and Home Accessories,” and believe it or … Read More

What KC restaurant serves its Horsefeather in a copper mug?

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Tell us which Kansas City restaurant serves its Horsefeather in a copper mug, and we’ll buy you one (a Horsefeather, not a copper mug; those things are expensive). I’m a big fan of the Horsefeather cocktail, made with whiskey or … Read More

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