Lunch in Pictures: Jasper’s Italian Restaurant

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Confession: We still haven’t figured out exactly what we want to do with this blog. And clearly, whatever we’re doing, we’re not doing often enough. So, we’ve decided to try eating lunches out in Kansas City more often and posting … Read More

Lunch at El Pollo Alegre in KCK

We’re big fans of El Pollo Rey (The Chicken King) in Kansas City, KS. They serve a whole chicken, a half chicken, or chicken wings, and you get sides like tortillas, rice, and pickled onions. It’s simple and delicious. But … Read More

Where to Eat and Drink in Kansas City

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According to my LinkedIn headline, I am “Creative Director, Recipe Developer and Food Stylist at Feed Me Creative (also Freelance Writer/Editor, Very Good Eater).” So, when Tasting Table was looking for a local to put together a culinary travel guide to … Read More

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