The Old Sage: A Thanksgiving Cocktail

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I’ve created probably a hundred catchy cocktails for, but this one, a Thanksgiving-themed tipple, is one of my all-time favorites. The Old Sage has a hint and scent of sage, thanks to a super-easy sage simple syrup. It’s mixed with Old Overholt … Read More

Swordfish Isn’t Just a Terrible Movie with John Travolta

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I love Kansas City. I also love seafood. Unfortunately, those two things don’t really go together. It’s not that you can’t get good seafood in Kansas City (many restaurants ship it in regularly), but for the home cook, it can … Read More

Lady Akin’s Kitchen: Pie for Your Pie Hole

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Okay, let’s just get this out of the way … Lady Akin is better than me at pretty much everything — or at least everything that matters (my talents are many but largely trivial). “Pretty much everything” includes baking. In … Read More

Roll It Up!: Stuffed Grape Leaves

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Competitive eating is gross — soggy hot dogs crammed down slack-jawed maws. It’s unhealthy, unseemly, and in no way related to the joy of food. That said, if forced to enter a competitive eating competition (maybe in some sort of … Read More

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