End Times Tomato Extravabonanza

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The inaugural, and inevitably final, feed me kc “End Times Tomato Extravabonanza” continued this weekend with another wallet-busting trip to the farmers’ market ($45 in tomatoes, please) and gin-fueled evenings in the kitchen. Saturday I was craving scallops — something … Read More

You Say Gazpacho (I Also Say Gazpacho)

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One of the nice things about Hell encroaching on Earth is that tomatoes have arrived early! Unfortunately, it also means they won’t be around for long. Never one to dally in the face of impending doom, I’m cramming as much … Read More

Out of my dreams, into my carpaccio

Full Disclosure: I contrived this entire recipe so I would have an excuse to post this video.* *Fullest Disclosure: I will do it again. Beef carpaccio is something I rarely order at restaurants, probably because I worked in two restaurants … Read More

Bella Napoli: Remember that time …

It’s been almost five years since my first and only trip to Italy. But every time Lady Akin and I eat dinner at Bella Napoli in Brookside (6229 Brookside Blvd.), we end up recounting the two-week trip. “Remember the 400 … Read More

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