Dinner, the Chard Way

This week my fridge is bursting with beautiful spring greens from the Brookside Farmers’ Market. For Sunday night dinner, I pulled the colossal Swiss chard to accompany a well-marbled pork chop from the new Natural Grocers (which is like Whole … Read More

Pan Bagnat: Very Nice

I suspected I was mispronouncing it as the syllables stumbled from my mouth — a fact confirmed by the bartender’s boisterous (but good-natured) ridicule. Perhaps if I’d finished culinary school, I would have known it was not pronounced “pan bag … Read More

Monday Recovery: Shrimps, Cukes, Beans

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After another weekend of bodily abuse (Rock Chalk!), I’m recovering with a light, healthy Monday night meal. This literally (literally, I say!) took five minutes to prepare. Chilled for 30 minutes and then ate. Would have been amazing with a … Read More

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