Podcast Episode 14: Celebrating One Year in the Stu-Stu-Studio

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Looks like we made it! The feed me kc crew has been unreliably churning out podcasts for an entire year, and they haven’t kicked us off the Internet yet. To celebrate, we recorded 50 minutes of pure ridiculousness that will … Read More

Not Surprisingly, the Port Fonda Restaurant is Really Cool

From the Department of Not News: The Port Fonda restaurant is cool. I told myself I wasn’t going to brave the early crowds at Port Fonda, which sort of surprise-opened its doors for cocktails and half-price appetizers for the first … Read More

Podcast Episode 1: Patrick Ryan and Aaron Sanchez

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We don’t know what’s more exciting: that our very first feed me kc podcast is finally up on iTunes or that iTunes categorized it as “explicit.” Either way, we hope you’ll listen. If you don’t, you’ll missĀ us interviewing chef Patrick … Read More