Put it in My Mouth: The Rieger’s New Fall Menu

Yesterday, Jeff and I decided we were tired of working. And I was more than craving a little snack. So, we stopped by The Rieger and cozied up to the bar to try out the new fall menu. We started … Read More

Kitchen-sink Pesto

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I begin each week with a fridge full of healthy green vegetables — spinach, kale, arugula, chard, mustard greens, broccoli — and a detailed meal plan for the week. My good intention is to eat healthy during the week and … Read More

Curried Carrot Soup: Too Legit?

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For most of my life, carrots were just a vehicle for oozy trans-fats. I’d occasionally roast them with other root vegetables, but I never really considered them all that interesting or elegant. And then a few years ago I stopped … Read More

Should Have Been a Drunk Brunch: Louie’s Wine Dive

I went to Louie’s Wine Dive not long after it opened. I remember being impressed with the wine specials and slightly annoyed by how long we had to wait for a table, water, drinks, food, the check, etc. But what … Read More

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