Swordfish Isn’t Just a Terrible Movie with John Travolta

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I love Kansas City. I also love seafood. Unfortunately, those two things don’t really go together. It’s not that you can’t get good seafood in Kansas City (many restaurants ship it in regularly), but for the home cook, it can … Read More

In the Fridge: Kansas City Mayor Sly James

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What’s in Kansas City, Missouri Mayor Sly James’ fridge? Last week, feed me kc stopped by City Hall to find out. We couldn’t look inside his home fridge, but the Mayor was very willing to let us snoop around the … Read More

Panzanella, ella, ella. Eh, eh, eh.

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As I’ve mentioned before, my Italian is a wee bit weak. But that doesn’t stop me from trying. For example, I’m pretty sure panzanella translates to “totes delish summer bread salad”–pane being Italian for “bread” and zanella translating to “totes delish summer salad.” Or … Read More

Reserve Your Spot for the Boulevard Dinner at The Rieger

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This is gonna be good. No, this is gonna be great. One of our favorite local restaurants is teaming up with one of our favorite local beverage brands, and you’re gonna want to put this in your mouth. On Tuesday, … Read More

The Rehabilitationist: Intensity and Quinoa

This week, “The Rehabilitationist” comes to you on Tuesday. Why? It’s not important. Let’s just say that Jeff may or may not have celebrated the nuptials of dear friends this weekend with the intensity of a much younger man. And … Read More

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