The Rehabilitationist: Sweat and Salad

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In round two of The Rehabilitationist, Erin urges us to embrace the heat (apparently sweating is good) and then cram a whole mess o’ veggies into our salad holes. by Erin Heide, EH Fitness Anyone else loving this heat? Well, … Read More

Meals Without Animal Flesh Tuesday: Summer Spaghetti

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In a world of eternal summer, I would be a vegetarian (or maybe a pescatarian if I lived on water). Alas, summers are fleeting (and I very much live on land), which means I’m only a vegetarian (and a really … Read More

Off the Vine BLT Salad

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Tomato season has arrived — tomatoes transforming from bland ruddy spheres of mealy awfulness into gnarly, kaleidoscopic orbs of cravable awesomeness. To celebrate, I offer forth this simple variation on BLT salad: still-warm-from-the-sun tomatoes, spicy wild arugula, crispy thick-cut bacon, … Read More

Lunch at LuLu’s Thai Noodle Shop

Today was feed me kc‘s first full day at our new studio space in The Crossroads. Even though I’m being super frugal right now, we decided to celebrate with lunch out at LuLu’s. The decision was also partially based on … Read More

Green Dirt Farm Launches New Yogurt Brand

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Green Dirt Farm, the sheep dairy in Weston, MO known for its delicious cheeses and chef collaboration dinners, has just launched a new brand of yogurt. Produced in the Green Dirt Farm cheese kitchen and sold under the brand name … Read More

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