Lunch at El Pollo Alegre in KCK

We’re big fans of El Pollo Rey (The Chicken King) in Kansas City, KS. They serve a whole chicken, a half chicken, or chicken wings, and you get sides like tortillas, rice, and pickled onions. It’s simple and delicious. But … Read More

Put It In My Mouth: Bibimbap

Here at feed me kc we do not hide our obsessive tendencies (Exhibit A: Emily’s well-documented food obsession). And I become especially fanatical when I experience something totally new (to me), such as this piping hot bowl of dolsot bibimbap. … Read More

Lunch at Marble Top Cafe: Yummy

Today, my co-workers and I had lunch at Marble Top Cafe — which chef Yahia “Yummy” Kamal opened in an old Quiznos at 84th and Ward Parkway in December. I don’t eat much Mediterranean food in Kansas City (nope, I … Read More