The Old Sage: A Thanksgiving Cocktail

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I’ve created probably a hundred catchy cocktails for, but this one, a Thanksgiving-themed tipple, is one of my all-time favorites. The Old Sage has a hint and scent of sage, thanks to a super-easy sage simple syrup. It’s mixed with Old Overholt … Read More

A Dinner That I Remember Most Of

I’ve eaten some good meals in my day, and I’ve drank some tasty beer, but never before have the two combined as well as they did last night, as Rye restaurant opened its doors and welcomed Boulevard Brewery for a beer … Read More

Put It In My Mouth: Harry’s Horsefeather

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My introduction to the Horsefeather was a slightly bastardized version of the classic cocktail, but I drank it anyway. I was at a gallery opening on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and it was sponsored by Dewars. Scantily-clad, malnourished … Read More