Put It In My Mouth!: Flaccid Sausages and Ruptured Tubers

For some people this may be an emotionally challenging photograph, especially for supporters of Todd “in absolutely now way related to Jeff” Akin. For that I apologize (especially about the sweet potato). Food phalli aside, this was intended to be a … Read More

‘Tis the Season: Cranberry Sage Turducken Sausage

Before Thanksgiving shows up and I stuff my face with all things poultry and cranberry, I decided to enjoy the wonderful holiday flavors in tube form. Fresh cranberries are in season, that sage plant my lovely red-haired fiance grew all … Read More

Mustard Fruit Chutney, per favore!

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My Italian is not so good, limited to a handful of dining-related phrases: “una tavola per due, per favore” (a table for two, please), “la lista dei vini, per favore” (the wine list, please), and my favorite, “un altro, per … Read More