Swordfish Isn’t Just a Terrible Movie with John Travolta

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I love Kansas City. I also love seafood. Unfortunately, those two things don’t really go together. It’s not that you can’t get good seafood in Kansas City (many restaurants ship it in regularly), but for the home cook, it can … Read More

Meals Without Animal Flesh Tuesday: Summer Spaghetti

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In a world of eternal summer, I would be a vegetarian (or maybe a pescatarian if I lived on water). Alas, summers are fleeting (and I very much live on land), which means I’m only a vegetarian (and a really … Read More

End Times Tomato Extravabonanza

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The inaugural, and inevitably final, feed me kc “End Times Tomato Extravabonanza” continued this weekend with another wallet-busting trip to the farmers’ market ($45 in tomatoes, please) and gin-fueled evenings in the kitchen. Saturday I was craving scallops — something … Read More

You Say Gazpacho (I Also Say Gazpacho)

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One of the nice things about Hell encroaching on Earth is that tomatoes have arrived early! Unfortunately, it also means they won’t be around for long. Never one to dally in the face of impending doom, I’m cramming as much … Read More

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