Meals Without Animal Flesh Tuesday: Summer Spaghetti

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In a world of eternal summer, I would be a vegetarian (or maybe a pescatarian if I lived on water). Alas, summers are fleeting (and I very much live on land), which means I’m only a vegetarian (and a really … Read More

Put It In My Mouth: The Entire Menu at Novel Restaurant

Ryan Brazeal and I attended culinary school together in the early aughts, though we don’t remember each other. That’s probably because I spent most of my time cultivating (and then deconstructing) complex hangovers, while the talented and driven Brazeal honed … Read More

Antipasti? More like Pro-pasti!

Is anything more summertastic than antipasti? Sitting on the patio, drinking a little (or a lot of) wine. Hall and Oates keepin’ things smooth and, interestingly, the mosquitoes at bay. At the Akin house, we have a pretty standard lineup: … Read More