Restaurant Week Preview: Julian

Kansas City Restaurant Week — 10 glorious, gluttonous days in January when more than 120 metro-area restaurants serve three-course prix-fixe dinners for only $30, and lunches for $15 — began Friday, January 18 and runs through Sunday, January 27.  Ten … Read More

Remedy: Waldo’s Stomach Drinky Place

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What would Waldo look like today if the Great Waldo Fire of Twenty Aught Seven had been averted — if that mischievous cow hadn’t kicked over a deep fryer at Kennedy’s, igniting a day-long conflagration consuming a half block of … Read More

Dinner, the Chard Way

This week my fridge is bursting with beautiful spring greens from the Brookside Farmers’ Market. For Sunday night dinner, I pulled the colossal Swiss chard to accompany a well-marbled pork chop from the new Natural Grocers (which is like Whole … Read More