A Homemade Coffee Liqueur Recipe

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In case you haven’t noticed, we like booze here at feed me kc. Most of the time, we leave everything but the drinking of booze up to the pros. But around the holidays, we get a little crafty. Last year, … Read More

What KC restaurant serves its Horsefeather in a copper mug?

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Tell us which Kansas City restaurant serves its Horsefeather in a copper mug, and we’ll buy you one (a Horsefeather, not a copper mug; those things are expensive). I’m a big fan of the Horsefeather cocktail, made with whiskey or … Read More

Jeff’s Famous Paint Bucket Limoncello

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Really good limoncello is nearly neon–a vibrant lemon-lime color. My homemade paint bucket limoncello looks more like piss. But it drinks just fine–perhaps a little to easily. Enjoy as an after-dinner aperitif, drizzled over pound cake and/or ice cream, or … Read More

Quick Pickles and Fast Hangovers

Kyle and I are in a supper club. We call our supper club “Supper Club.” Supper Club is four couples (well, now three couples and two singles who are still good friends) who all like to geek out over food. … Read More

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