The Feed Me Five | 9.29

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Five food things from around the web we loved this week. Fact: I’m not very good about doing these regularly. Doesn’t mean the links aren’t lovely. 1. Lady and Pups: Honey Whipped Ricotta-Stuffed Scones I really like scones. Except when they have … Read More

It’s Always Yummy in Philadelphia

Philly is one of my favorite cities for the putting of food in my mouth. I’ve been nearly a dozen times before, but my five-day journey last week was by far the most consumptive. As you can see, I gained … Read More

What I’ve Been Eating at #SXSWi

Full disclosure: I am so hungover right now. I have been in Austin since Friday for South by Southwest Interactive (the geeky version of the music festival) and I’ve pretty much been drunk or hungover since I arrived. The good … Read More