A Photo Tour of Pryde’s Old Westport

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Not long after I moved back to Kansas City in 2009, my mom took me to Pryde’s Old Westport. That was before they had the big colorful signs out front that say “Kitchen and Home Accessories,” and believe it or … Read More

Rumormongering: Corner Restaurant to reopen, with booze!

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Fresh off this morning’s rumor mill: the Corner Restaurant  — that disgustingly delicious, beloved breakfast joint of all-nighters past —is going to reopen soon. With booze! I am all for this development, as long as whoever takes over the space … Read More

Alex Pope Invades Beer Kitchen

It’s about damn time I ate some of Alex Pope’s food again. As a few friends and I sat around my living room sipping a bottle of Boulevard Saison Brett in preparation for the Alex Pope beer dinner hosted at … Read More

Not Surprisingly, the Port Fonda Restaurant is Really Cool

From the Department of Not News: The Port Fonda restaurant is cool. I told myself I wasn’t going to brave the early crowds at Port Fonda, which sort of surprise-opened its doors for cocktails and half-price appetizers for the first … Read More

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