Eat Out Local Today

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There really aren’t any bad reasons to eat out, but today we have an actual good reason to do it, and it’s better than making that growling noise in your stomach disappear. Seriously. Keep reading. A week’s worth of events … Read More

Anti-Hero at The Westside Local

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Feed Me KC is a proud sponsor of the upcoming 2013 Urban Grown Farms and Gardens Tour, June 22 and 23 (Saturday and Sunday), featuring 60 gardens and farms throughout the urban metropolitan area. To get you totes stoked, we’re … Read More

Podcast Episode 2: Charles Ferruzza on Foodies and Fetishes

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Good news! We haven’t been kicked off  iTunes. Yet. And until that happens, we’ll keep recording ourselves talking about all the Kansas City food and drink we’ve been putting in in our mouths. We’ll also keep inviting interesting guests to … Read More

Are You Hungry? We Are.

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We’re from Kansas City, and we want more than barbeque (though we want that, too). We want burgers from Good You and apple fritters from John’s Space Age. We want deviled eggs from Westside Local and pork everything from The … Read More