Eat Out Local Today

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There really aren’t any bad reasons to eat out, but today we have an actual good reason to do it, and it’s better than making that growling noise in your stomach disappear. Seriously. Keep reading. A week’s worth of events … Read More

Magic Buns Day 3: Soft-shell Crab

It’s that most wonderful time of year — when schools empty, the pools open, and crabs get soft. Actually, that whole sentence is kind of creepy. What I’m trying to say is, soft-shell crabs are delicious and only available for … Read More

Lady Akin’s Kitchen: “Paneer” Curry with Peas

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My beautiful, brilliant wife, who we will definitely NOT call “the other Emily,” is a thoughtful, talented cook. She’s great at selecting and executing recipes, and thus bombs with far less frequency than I do. (My most recent whiff: Improvised … Read More