The Feed Me Five | 8.21

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Five food things from around the web we loved this week. 1. Food52: The Recipes I’ve (Still) Never Cooked I love this post from Kenzi Wilbur over at Food52, not only because I love Kenzi and Food52, but because I understand having … Read More

Spiralized Zucchini Pasta with Mushrooms

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I like gadgets. In fact, if I’m being completely honest, I think I like kitchen gadgets and dishes more than I actually like the act of cooking. So, when I suggested in April that we get a vegetable spiralizer for the … Read More

The Rehabilitationist: Stupid Amounts of Veggies

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This past weekend fairly illustrates why we here at feed me kc are compelled to feature “The Rehabilitationist” each week: Steak, whiskey, beer, wine, 2am quesadilla, beer, chili cheese fries, beer, soft pretzels, beer, midnight ice cream sandwiches, and beer. … Read More

The Rehabilitationist: Get Stuffed

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The Rehabilitationist is on vacation this week, but that’s not going to stop her from kicking our collective asses. Start your week with a serious workout and some mighty tasty stuffed zucchini. by Erin Heide, EH Fitness I’m on vacation … Read More

The Rehabilitationist: Intensity and Quinoa

This week, “The Rehabilitationist” comes to you on Tuesday. Why? It’s not important. Let’s just say that Jeff may or may not have celebrated the nuptials of dear friends this weekend with the intensity of a much younger man. And … Read More

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