Thanksgiving Prep: 24 Hours to Go

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Okay, we’ve reached the point in our Thanksgiving preparation posts where, if you haven’t done anything and you’re hosting, it really is time to panic. Or at least get your ass in gear — and to the grocery store! If you really haven’t done a damn thing, get caught up here. If you have been keeping up, there are just a few things left to do.

Thanksgiving To-Do: 24 Hours to Go

Here’s a final checklist before the big day.

1. Make a plan.

We know you’ve been planning all month, but go into your kitchen (right now!) and go through everything you’re going to cook on Thursday and what you’ll cook it in/with. Do you have all of the ingredients you need? Stock pots? Pans? Serving spoons? If not, get them — now.

2. Finish all of your shopping. RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

No, don’t put it off one more minute. You’re already going to be trapped in line at the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving, when you should be spending the day enveloped by delicious cooking aromas in your kitchen. Make a list (including bread and all of the greens you couldn’t buy last week), check it twice and grab a grocery cart. And pick up some extra wine while you’re out. And maybe whipped cream. And coffee. 

3. Double (or triple) check with your guests.

Are all of your guests still coming? Even the one you’re counting on to bring the pies? Make sure anyone you’re depending on for any part of the meal plans to be there well before you start carving the turkey.

4. Prep as much as you can.

Use today to get as much prep done as you can. Chop vegetables, boil potatoes and brine your turkey. You can even make the cranberry sauce and most of your sides and refrigerate them for rewarming tomorrow. 

5. Relax and have fun.

You’re well-prepared for Thanksgiving. There’s no reason to worry. Relax, drink some of that wine you bought. And if, after all of this preparation, something goes terribly awry, at least you have lots of wine and bread. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Wow, these recipes are fantastic! Can’t wait to try these recipes when Thanksgiving rolls around again!

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