The Feed Me Five | 8.28

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food links we love

Five food things from around the web we loved this week.

1. i am a food blog: Smoked Gouda Potato Pancakes
I am dying to try these crispy, smoky, cheesy, salty potato pancakes — with lots of sour cream on top, of course.

2. Food52: Crunchy Almond Butter Meringue with Berries and Cream
If I’m going to eat fruit, it better be berries. And if I’m going to eat berries, they better be combined with nuts and eggs and cream, like in this recipe from Alice Medrich over at Food52. 

3. The New York Times: Hummus from ‘Jerusalem’
I’ve been meaning to buy the Jerusalem cookbook for a few years now. This hummus recipe may be just the boost I need.

4. Bon Appetit: Matcha Doughnuts
Just being honest: I’m probably never going to make these matcha donuts from Bon Appetit. But if someone made them for me (hint, hint) I would most definitely eat them. Lots of them.

5. 10th Kitchen: Lemon Curd Donuts (Vegan and Gluten Free)
I’m excited about these lemon-curd donuts in spite of the fact that they’re vegan and gluten-free (definitely not because of it). Probably not going to make these, either. But I’d eat them.

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